Vine Cottage Tool Museum exhibits a wide and varied range of tradesman tools


Dating back from Australia’s early colonial era. On display are the most complete sets of authentic tools in Australia, dating back from the turn of the 19th Century that cover

Vine Cottage

On Show

Carpenter Tools

Cabinet Maker Chest

Stone Mason Tools

Farrier’s Tools


Inside Vine Cottage

Inside Vine Cottage

Inside Vine Cottage

Leadbeater’s Tools

Front of Vine Cottage

Carpenter’s Planes

Shoemaker’s Tools

Shipwright’s Tools

Stone Mason’s Tools

Tacks & Nails

Timbergetter’s Tools

Vine Cottage Entrance

Vine Cottage Entrance

Prices are all inclusive with no hidden costs, including all bar staff and wait staff, all set up, pack up & clean up. For a personalised quote

  • Summer / Spring – until 8 pm
  • Winter / Autumn – until 6pm

* Please Note: Vine Cottage trading hours are restricted to “daylight” hours.